1. Supporting Documents/Information

Verification of Deposit (VOD)

This verification service is provided to you by DecisionLogic. This is a safe and secure way to verify your account without having to search for bank statements.

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Please see below for a step by step instruction on how to complete VOD.

Step 1

A VOD Request email is sent to the applicant from email address: admin@decisionlogic.net.
This email will be sent to the email address you provided when you submitted your application or when you created your applicant user account.

Step 2

Click the link on the email to open this page on your browser.
Please take note: Link should be accessed through a computer. Google Chrome browser is recommended.

Type your bank's name in the search bar or select from the quick access buttons.

Step 3

After selecting your bank, next page asking for your account information should load.
Please enter your First and Last Name in the respective input bars and hit submit.

Step 4

Completing step 3 should take you to this page.
Please make sure bank name and logo being shown is the correct bank.
If correct, click the box and the Continue button.

Step 5

For the last step, please enter your username and password.
Please make sure information being provided is accurate including font case or format to avoid errors.

Please take note:

  • The link sent to the applicant's email can only be accessed three (3) times.
    If the username and password are incorrectly submitted three (3) times, a new link has to be generated and will be sent to the customer's email.
  • DecisionLogic only allows a maximum of one (1) time regeneration of the link.
  • Incorrectly submitting the VOD more than once or the VOD being declined will result to the application being declined. **Please reach out to your assigned sales representative or our website to see remaining available options.